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The mission of Strides for Action is to stop the epidemic and related health inequities by eliminating new infections, maximizing healthier outcomes for those infected and at risk, and tackling the root causes of HIV/AIDS.

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Below are the ways Strides for Action provides support to other organizations


Harbor to the Bay Partnership

Teams for Strides for Action are encouraged to recruit Walkers AND Riders! We work closely with Harbor to the Bay to coordinate the funding resources for all the beneficiary organizations.

Community Partners

Other non-profit organizations are encouraged to participate in the wellness festival and sponsor a team! 70%* of the dollars raised by the community organization goes directly to that organization to support the good work they do for the community

Wellness Festival

Strides for Action provides educational and engaging activities for a whole series of LGBTQIA+ wellness issues by partnering with community organizations and corporate partners.


Much of the value for the AIDS walk and Harbor to the Bay has always been creating fun educational opportunities for people not directly impacted by the AIDS crisis and so it is with Strides for Action.



*After the community organization minimum is raised to help offset the cost of the event.